Conway's Game  of Lif(sometimes referred to as Life) is a "cellular automaton," invented by the mathmatician John Conway in 1970.  The "game"  runs automatically and doesn't require input from the "player" beyond determining the initial state of each "cell" (tile in the grid).

In this version,  cell states are determined randomly when the simulation start, and  then it evolves naturally.  


Conway's Game  of Life operates on a simple set of rules that determine whether a cell dies or continues on to the  next generation:

  • Each populated cell with 1 or no neighbors dies (as if by solitude)
  • Each populated cell with 4  or more neighbors dies (as  if by overpopulation)
  • Each populated cell with 2 or 3 neighbors survives
  • Each empty cell with exactly 3 neighbors becomes  alive


RESET - resets the grid (randomizes the seed that determines whether cells are populated or empty on start)

PAUSE  - pauses the simulation

NEXT  - skips to the  next generation

CLEAR - converts every cell into an empty cell

Click  any cell to toggle it on or off.  To create your own patterns, pause the simulation and clear the grid. Then,  click any cell to populate it.

Examples  of patterns

---made with Godot Engine

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